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Very classy [Jun. 14th, 2011|03:07 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

Banning people for daring to have the nerve to disagree with you? Really, Alex... being a bully like that? How childish. You of all people should know that AMA is not the place to have people validate your unwavering opinion.
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New Mod List [Jan. 22nd, 2010|12:16 am]
Ask Me Anything Mods

There were too many mods. I have corrected this matter. Here is the updated list:



One or two more may be added / exchanged depending on how this goes.
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You've got questions? We might have answers. [Dec. 31st, 2020|06:33 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

This is the place holder post for people who have been banned or otherwise maligned from ask_me_anything, and wish to find out why, plead their case or otherwise attempt to worm their way back into our affections. Comment here and someone who's tracking this post will get back to you.
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Updated Mod List [Dec. 12th, 2009|06:30 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

Just so you know.

3goodtimes, abluegirl, akimova, annetangent, ariomness, ashleybrooke7, brina_is_sassy, watericgun, cellardor, cpsings4him, crassy, curmudgeonlet, davedowns, dewdropsonrosa, directordale, doll, edgar_suit, embodyment, complement, grandwazooo, greeneyed__lady, hobo_bebop, ladyspeak, iisz, incognita, ink_smear, inside_oscar, ionracas, kezmd, lapenn, lipglossgecko, longhairedbum, loveandecon, lovelychickadee, marijuanakills, metamorpheus, mofoburrell, nafrate, nanini, nextdrinksonme, no_touching, onehopeful, outlining, palmer_kun, honeymull, rediscover_me, rgpick, s8n8mygrandma, sdx, shinywen, shy, starthieving, literarity, thatjazz, thatsevenbetter, thewebmistress, tinyvictories, tma, toppertje, vertebrae, view_from_here, breenah, whorishness, wishing_wounds, yuriko
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2009|11:43 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

New rule - if I tell you that you're an idiot three times, and you're still being an idiot, then I'm not going to play nice. I've missed banning people on a whim.
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Current Mod List [Aug. 19th, 2009|12:58 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

As follows:

3goodtimes, abluegirl, absenteeshe, akfelecia2, akimova, alexthecat9, annetangent, ariomness, ashleybrooke7, a_papier_mache, bearscanfly, bobbert_, brina_is_sassy, brookielaw, cellardor, cpsings4him, crassy, darkenedminds, davedowns, dewdropsonrosa, directordale, edgar_suit, elltotheoh, embodyment, excessinfinity, fortuna_juvat, glenniebun, good_grief11, grandwazooo, greeneyed__lady, hobo_bebop, icklecarriekins, iisz, incognita, ink_smear, inside_oscar, ionracas, janeway6, joybeans, junebug80, kezmd, lapenn, lil_insanity, lipglossgecko, longhairedbum, loveandecon, lovelychickadee, maptheoceans, marijuanakills, metamorpheus, mofoburrell, nafrate, nanini, neko, nextdrinksonme, no_faltering, no_touching, oneminutecloser, outlining, palmer_kun, phoinos, raggedann, rediscover_me, rgpick, s8n8mygrandma, sdx, shinywen, shy, starthieving, sundry_pieces, thatjazz, thatsevenbetter, thewebmistress, tinyvictories, tma, toppertje, unknownj, vertebrae, view_from_here, vie_rire_amour, whorishness, wishing_wounds, xtrustisyoursx, yuriko_kun
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I'll keep this brief [Jun. 26th, 2009|09:03 am]
Ask Me Anything Mods

zillioneyes has been banned for reasons including, but not limited to:
  • Trying to obtain naked pictures of people without their knowledge or consent
  • Spreading rumours about people who are meant to be his "friends"
  • Blackmailing users with sensitive personal information
  • Not quite fitting what we're looking for..
Anybody who sees him on IRC should probably ban him on sight.
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Just throwing this out there... [Mar. 18th, 2009|09:54 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

Another horrible idea from yours truly, but it's about identifying what's possible, what's popular, and then trying to work out, of those things that are in both categories, what's desirable.

Showing one's current status, in AMA.

Jasna used to do it when she could edit the AMA style, she'd put up quirky little messages under her username, like the individual user titles, but more personalised..

You could update it either through a web form, or by tweeting @ama_updates, or if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm open to those too..

Then all your comments can have some delightful text (beneath your name/userpic) of your own choosing. Like "I am really digging this pointless feature".

Uh, before anybody points it out, I would only implement this as part of a total reshuffle of the comment format anyway, because it's already a little too busy. I'd be looking to tidy it up massively...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Tell me to shut up and go to sleep? It's not necessarily that I would want it myself, but it's the sort of thing that I can see people thinking was neat. For about ten seconds. Still, the interoperability with Twitter might help to maintain the attention span a bit.

I dunno. Hit me.
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Just throwing this idea out there.. [Mar. 12th, 2009|02:04 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods

A sort of notice board, for news, notices, random observations, kind of like AMA OffTopic but not exactly.. You could announce upcoming events, anonybot would post things there too when the need arose (think a combination between the Twitter output and the mod log), people could up-rate or down-rate individual postings on there to make them more/less prominent, etc..

Or am I just doing things for the sake of it now?

Wait, don't answer that last bit ;o)
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2009|10:57 pm]
Ask Me Anything Mods



Due to a security issue with LJ, which I won't go into right now, it has become necessary to, uh, kill all the mods. Sorry about that...

Basically, I can only have mods that I trust completely. And rather than draw a clear line and tell everyone where they stand relative to it, I just had to remove everybody. You don't need to be mods anyway.

Tagging ability can be given to a custom list of users. I'm not sure why this wasn't apparent before, but I blame myself. And all of you for not correcting me. So I'm going to work out a "tag team" type thing, based on an army of willing volunteers.

In the meantime, there are little buttons against posts and comments that let you delete posts or ban users. Can't do individual comment deletion yet, but I can work on it I guess..

The idea is that there will be some sort of system by which many users will be able to delete posts and ban users. It logs who is doing what, so everybody is accountable for their actions.

So yes, there's no such thing as mods any more. There will be a set of users who can tag, a set of users who can create new tags, and a set of users who can delete posts or ban others.

Oh, and as an aside, the ban thing automatically bans people from AMA, OffTopic and Anonymous Questions, along with some other spin-offs, list to be finalised. Which should hopefully make troll management a lot easier..

You've all been great, and I expect you all to stick around here :o)
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